Prepare for Internet ‘Days of Darkness’ say Q fans.
If true will this involve US NZ weapons platform Rocket Lab?

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Regarding the “10 days of darkness” mentioned in recent Q dispatch said to link to a coming internet blockade.

The first thing to mention is Q has made the claim of “ten days of darkness” several times before
e.g https://twitter.com/2runtherace/status/1134928119029227521 If your think boy who cried wold fair enough.

However in
The author refers to media black out as tied to an internet plug pull.

This has caused bells to go off in my head.
Namely because;

1. Rocket Lab’s ‘Dont Stop Me Now’ (“were going to turn the world inside out”) named after Queen (& possibly the Novel Good Omens) who recently played in NZ, rocket which is to launch late March on the eve of Easter and like Bohemian Rhapsody has being used to lampoon Trump in a civil war possibly I sum up as banks vs the pentagon.

I don’t see this conflict as good guys just neo-conservatives verse neoliberals. Or perhaps the status quo of nation government verse those who globalist model is transnational. What the New York Times veteran Seymour Hersh called in his 2011 Doha campus of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service the Rocks (Westpoint) Vs Crusaders (Christian Right) in reference to how that civil wars being =fought inside military circles.


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Rocket Lab maintains the US National Reconnaissance Office (Department of Defence) will be running experiments on GPS and electromagnetic influence in relation with University of New south Wales. Its the second NRO rocket since the NRO/Uni of NSW mission, named ‘Birds of a Feather’, which lifted off from Rocket Lab Launch Complex on New Zealand’s Māhia Peninsula at 02:56 UTC (15:56 NZDT, 31 January 2020).


NRO 151 heraldry seem to be a play on the legendary 1972 Surrealist ball held by the Baroness Marie-Hélène Naila Stephanie Josina van Zuylen van Nyevelt van de Haar  Rothchild and whose Bird of Feather title comes after Audrey Heapburn hat worn at that ball which consisted of a cage of live birds. The ball is some time called the Illuminati ball.


Image result for bird of feather illuminati ball rockefellah
Audrey Hepburn wearing a Magritte bird cage at the diner des testes surrealistes, 1972
Image result for nro rocket lab 151

Launches 11& 12 are clearly making direct reference to the Ivy league Bohemian Grove crowd that the late William Colby the former CIA director once warned ‘called the shots in the USA’ and were the most powerful cabal to be found amidst the many and varied power blocs that do litter America’s landscape and western politics.

And lets not forget that in January’s the USA launched a 100,000 km GPS jamming exercise in Florida. This effectively was a live fire test of new weapons capable of shutting down all forms of emf based transmission including internet and media based transmitters.

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On December 20, US President Donald Trump went so far as to tell members of the US military “Space is the world’s new war-fighting domain” as he launched his new military arm Space Force.



This take place at same time Star Link’s next series of experiment in military assimilation of civilian communication transmitters begins. These involve the USA Pentagon Musk and Australia new South Wales University.

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Star Link will roll over Otago (where 5G’s roll out is under way and Amazon boss just flew into town allegedly) Australia and the UK right over where Professor David Last UK GPS defence expert plane crashed and on the same location as the BT GPS spy towers and mass starling deaths last year.


Image result for starlink map nw zeland
Image result for starlink map wales

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All as Jacinda cooed Bohemia Rhapsody “thunder and lighting very very frightening” with Colbert shortly before a mass lightening storm, about 13 top corporate scientists got fried on White Island on December 9th while on a cruise ships three days after yet another Rocket Lab Launched on dec 6th its 10th mission ])*

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It comes as Space Force took delivery of offensive jamming weapons whose transmissions can be put on ‘Viagra’ courtesy of the R3D2 propagation aerial launched from Rocket lab last year and the star link global military assimilation of global civilian networks including 5G which will both boost the CCS offensive jammers capacity enormously.

Image result for darpa r3d2
The U.S. Space Force declared it had reached initial operational capability with the Counter Communications System Block 10.2, or CCS B10.2, on March 9

More proof of NZ’s role in a very hot space war taking place above our heads as we speak.




* What is with these guys and Queen



  1. First off,thanks an article that’s not about bloody Coronomania!
    Second this is very interesting as I’m working a blog concerning Starlink currently, albeit with a different focus from your blog. But…I agree. Something wicked this way comes: Never given much credence to the “Q” pronouncements, but there’s something in the air. Literally as well as figuratively.

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